polo vet

polo vet

In order to get the best performance in the polo field, the polo horse needs to be healthy. The role of the polo vet is the key to keep a horse in good condition.

The polo vet works closely with the horse workers – or petiseros, as they are known in Argentina— to make sure that all the horses of a polo stable are healthy. He is in charge of supervising the horse’s diet and physical condition, checking the horse’s temperature, prescribing drugs if the horse is ill and administering vaccines to prevent diseases.

Before each game, the vet , with the assistance of the horse workers, will check the overall condition of the animal, paying special attention to his physical state (legs, muscles, hooves) to make sure that the horse is prepared for the toughness that comes with the game.

The riders trust the vet with this task knowing that they depend on the condition of the animal to make the difference in the field. That is why his work is crucial, since he takes care of one of the most important elements in the sport: the horse.

Source: Argentina Polo Day


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